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Community Event-based Testing (COMET)
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COMET - Community Event-based Testing

Event-driven software (EDS) spans multiple domains, from industrial embedded devices and robotic controllers to web interfaces and GUI applications. This website will serve as a community infrastructure for event-based testing researchers to provide uniformity in experimentation and benchmarking in event-driven software testing. We will provide concrete artifacts for testing that includes subjects, test suites, fault matrices and tools, as well as processes and models to standardize the way experiments are conducted in this environment.

This project is a joint effort between the E2 laboratory at UNL and the GUITAR group at UMD.

10/31/2016 We have added some new artifacts to COMET under benchmarks.
10/25/2016 Updated publications page. Please let us know if you have a publication that uses or cites COMET.
02/09/2015 Our paper "Making System User Interactive Tests Repeatable: When and What Should we Control?" was accepted to ICSE 2015,
05/14/2013 Don't miss our tutorial on GUI testing at ICSE 2013 in San Francisco on May 20th.
01/14/2013 It is not too late to submit to TESTBEDS to be held with ICST 2013 in Luxembourg.
10/22/2012 We have received funding to keep COMET going. Look for new updates and many more benchmarks in the coming months!
05/08/2012 Comet tools were used in a paper presented at CHI 2012 this week. Paper.
03/29/2011 Our first community contributed benchmark has been released. SAPE-Pounder-2010.
03/15/2011 TESTBEDS '11: The third international workshop on TESTing Techniques & Experimentation Benchmarks for Event-Driven Software to be held in Berlin in March in association with ICST '11
06/12/2010 Check out our new benchmark collection UMD.Reduction.TSE.2008.
04/01/2010 Our first two benchmark collections have been released!
11/05/2009 TESTBEDS '10: The second international workshop on TESTing Techniques & Experimentation Benchmarks for Event-Driven Software to be held in Paris in April in association with ICST '10.
11/04/2009 Preliminary version of the web site released.
10/30/2009 This project gets its domain at

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