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COMET - Community Event-based Testing
About This Project

Event-driven software (EDS) is central to our lives today. We interact with programs through graphical user interfaces, submit and request information through web pages, and utilize network protocols and embedded devices that sense the environment around us. Given the prevalence of EDS systems, ensuring their dependability is paramount. The complexity of EDS systems is growing, however, increasing the difficulty of this task; the numbers of possible states and interactions between them increases exponentially with the numbers of buttons or widgets we can click, or the sensors that we embed. This has fueled a large body of research on EDS testing techniques, a standard method to ensure that systems behave as intended.

While there has been a large body of research on event driven testing, it is still difficult for various research groups to compare their work objectively. Individual studies may include implicit assumptions and/or lack knowledge about assumptions made in prior work. Researchers may develop and use their own tools, instrument their own software and extract their own models for experimentation.

This site aims to act as a community infrastructure for event-based testing researchers. It will allow us to experiment with a common set of tools and subjects, using similar models, processes and assumptions. We call this COMET: COMmunity Event-based Testing. On this site we will develop/provide a repository of both logical and concrete test artifacts as well as processes and models to standardize the way experiments are conducted. We also intend to develop on-line web services for common computational components. In the initial stages, we will focus on artifacts for Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). We plan to expand this over time as we develop an interested community user base.

We expect that in the long term this resource will provide us the ability to combine results of multiple studies to build a larger body of knowledge about EDS testing.

— The COMET Team